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09 Jul 2019

Why should businesses use social media effectively to support their SEO strategy?

Social media might not be a ranking factor as far as SEO ranking is concerned but they both have a relationship that many haven’t really understood. The integration of both is inevitable to arrive at a good social media marketing strategy.

  1. Social media can get you the desired reach

At a time when people and brands shout out for attention and visibility, it is important to be seen and heard at the right place and the right time. Through effective use of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, agencies such as Trompet Media Pvt. Ltd, which is a digital marketing agency in Calicut ensure maximum brand visibility to the client.  The more page reach you gather, the more popular your page becomes.  This increases the chance of appearing more frequently on Google’s competitive keyword search, thus gathering more clicks and loyal followers.

  1. Social Media can help you get more links

The number of links that come from a page really matters! Once people see interesting content on your Facebook page, they’ll be more than tempted to share it.  The more such content is shared, more people will see it. It also depend s on the quality of the content. From our experience at Trompet Media, we have found that content related to social causes have a higher reach than promotional or marketing content. This holds true for other platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Good content can attract many and hence have the chances of getting more links.

  1. Social Media Websites are search engines themselves

 When you want to do a background check on a company you aren’t just satisfied by just googling about it. You find out and visit the companies Facebook and instagram pages. Companies employ the best of talents to make their presence felt in the social media space. The more number of page likes, shares and interactions are indications that the company is still active and in good stead. This in turn will help increase the trust of the brand among the customers.


  1. Social Media helps optimizing profiles

The best of you can be portrayed through your social media page and thus it can get you a good Internet presence. Optimization of social media profiles and its SEO rank are correlational.  So, you name and your social links as well as your website will crop up the moment someone searches for your name, which, in turn can fetch top SERP and organic clicks on your website.

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