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02 Jan 2018

Google tools that can help you in 2018

Google is so much more than just a search engine. For digital marketers looking to make it big in their profession, there are many Google tools available free of cost.

Google AdWords                                                                                                       

Google AdWords provides pay-per-click digital marketing and advertising solutions. It enables ads to show up on screens when people search for specific products or services on the net. The payment has to be done only if someone clicks on the ad. Display ads, YouTube video ads, text ads, in-app mobile ads and much more come under this. On linking AdWords to Google Analytics, the marketer can see how his site performs and also test ads to seed out the non performers from the performers. 

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

This tool give one an idea of how often keywords are searched on the net, how competitive they are and how they change in volume over time. Learning this in a little detail can help marketers device their keyword strategy thoughtfully so that their page can fetch a higher ranking.

Google Analytics

One of the most important challenges faced by marketers is the absence of proper measurement metrics. This has been sorted out with the arrival of Google Analytics. It can give performance metrics that can help one understand the website and its traffic in detail including clients, and their online behavior. It helps content personnel to produce more relevant content to stay on top.

Google Trends

Google Trends throws light on worldwide search volumes with maps and visualizations that allows you to embed it on your website. It reveals what’s trending and how keywords perform over time.

Google Search Console

Earlier known as Google Webmaster Tools, it helps you monitor the performance of your website in the Google search index. It can show you your popular pages, fix errors on your site and help build and submit a sitemap.

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