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12 Jul 2019

The scope for digital marketing services in Calicut

As India moves towards becoming a trillion-dollar digital economy, the traditional markets in many of its cities are reinventing themselves with a considerable spend being devoted to online platforms and are evolving into a full-fledged industry in a very short span.

Calicut is one city in Kerala that has adopted digital marketing at a fast pace and some of the initiatives to implement its digital economy strategies cover digital government, manufacturing, tourism, agriculture and e-commerce. One of the main commercial centers of Kerala, Calicut’s economy is business oriented. A major trade hub, the city enjoys good connectivity through road, rail and air and hence it has become a major hub for many top rated businesses in India. With the presence of many footwear manufacturing companies, it has become a major non-leather footwear manufacturing hub in India.  Of late, there has begun a building boom in Calicut with many high rises with facades adorning the cityscape.  

Many international, national and regional brands have made their presence felt in the city in the newly mushroomed shopping malls such as Hilite Mall, Focus Mall, RP Mall, Address Mall and many others. Traditional business centres like the Mercantile Bazaar or Valiyangadi near railway station and Mithayi Theruvu or the SM Street acts as a sales point for all consumer goods.

Until a few years ago, these businesses were heavily dependent on conventional newspaper advertising or Television ads to boost their sales. Today, with the coming of digital marketing, newspapers and television channels struggle with dwindling readership and rating woes. This is where digital marketing takes the center stage. The digital marketing share in the overall marketing budget of organizations is on the rise here. Buyers today are more empowered than ever before and use these services to buy a product.

Businesses in Calicut today are ready and are willing to engage with their customers on every digital platform with different devices where habits can be tracked and analyzed.

Companies in Calicut also use Social CRM solutions to engage with customers on social sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to publicize the brand and product. Digital Marketing agencies in Calicut like Trompet Media Pvt. Ltd help businesses boost their sales by employing the best strategies to increase brand visibility and brand reach, making their presence felt in the industry and fetching higher returns on investment. 

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