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11 Oct 2019

Why is digital marketing important in today’s business scenario?

Digital marketing assumes a lot of significance today as most businesses rely on them to reach out to their existing clients and potential targets. It is a well- known fact that today more than half of the population use Internet to search for products and services. For any brand that needs to make its presence felt in the industry, visibility on the Net is a must. However there are many small and medium business owners who shy away from using digital marketing campaigns as they think it wouldn’t work for them. There are several myths that need to be debunked about digital marketing per se.

Myth 1 Digital marketing campaigns are expensive

Many small and medium businesses stayed away from digital marketing because they think only big companies could afford it. They believe digital marketing campaigns consume a lot of money, which is not valid. The advantage of such attacks is that it gives the person the freedom to choose and fix the budget of their choice. Digital marketing campaigns can be run for any budget.

Myth 2 Conventional advertising platforms are reliable and cost-effective

This has been proved wrong because to advertise in traditional channels such as television,newspapers or OOH media; one requires a more significant spend which is manifold higher than the spend necessary for digital marketing. Cost-effectiveness is the key to digital marketing ads.

Myth 3 Conventional platforms deliver desired results

People advertise on television, newspapers or hoardings, and in most cases, are overwhelmed by the response they get in the form of calls and email queries. A reality check can tell that very few of those queries get converted to business. This is because the advertisement isn’t reaching the desired target, and there are chances that more people drop out when they realise that the ad is not relevant to them.
On the other hand, digital marketing campaigns are devised in such a way of keeping the target customers in mind. When a person comes to a specific site looking for particular information, he or she is less likely to deviate from it. Moreover, remarketing campaigns helps one bring back such customers who differed from a specific website.

Myth 4 Digital marketing campaigns are less visible and could be a burden once they are found unsuccessful

In reality, digital marketing campaigns allow one to study the scenario in-depth, analysing what went wrong or which factors are favourable for a particular business. On detailed analysis, attacks that are found to be unsuccessful can be spotted and revised. Moreover, it is a known fact that digital campaigns provide increased visibility for brands. Companies that update their websites and Facebook pages with relevant information build credibility over time, and their digital marketing campaigns aid them in bringing more customers to their websites and their Facebook page.


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