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19 Jul 2018

Why should businesses use social media?

Today, businesses are increasingly focusing on social media strategy and management tactics and they set aside a fine chunk of their marketing budget for the purpose.

Many conventional businesses, until now, were averse to the idea of spending for social media. They reasoned that they were doing good business for long, content with the prevailing state of affairs. Not anymore. Slowly, businesses have begun to realise the many benefits social media could bring to them.

Why is social media important for businesses big and small?

The first thing about social media is that it makes your identity visible to the public. It makes possible for others to find out about your business and know about your services. These give them a reason to consider you while making a purchase or hiring a service. It helps businesses build leads.

Establish your presence

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube give visibility to businesses and take them to a crowded marketplace already being watched by millions. Though all of them aren’t the potential targets of these businesses, there are chances that many of the active customers who hang out there can notice your business and make it their talking point.  

Social media improves your website’s SEO ranking

A social media account with high traffic linked to your website means you stand to gain a higher SEO score. Besides those online directory listings help you build back links and enhance SEO. Content is still the king and only through posting quality content can one gain an improved social media presence.

Social Media keeps the buzz alive

Once the company has gained enough attention and is well noticed, the next task is to keep the buzz going and to improve the quality of the leads. Sending messages to non target groups cannot be considered a great way to enhance business. So even as the businesses focus on increasing their presence on social media, it is also important for them to ensure that they are getting quality leads from those who bring them business. At Trompet Media, our responsibility is to make our clients visible by delivering quality content and sending the message across platforms, cutting through the clutter.

Businesses communicate on social media

All the communications to customers including announcement of offers and discounts; testimonials of satisfied customers; events to be held, etc takes place rather smoothly on social media. A conventional media could be far more expensive while sending the same message across to target customers. A fine balance need to be worked out between the promotion of your own business and the socially relevant content that you share.

The results are tangible

An outdoor campaign or a newspaper ad may give businesses a fair share of their target customers. But the results are not tangible. Advertising on social media gives accurate data on the investment and the ROI. This helps businesses to be more targets oriented and focussed. They can decide on the action that they like the leads to take. They can ask them to download resources, subscribe to newsletter or make a purchase. In all the cases, the customers are urged to take action then and there.


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