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01 Jan 2018

How familiar are you with digital marketing acronyms?

Team Trompet: The world of digital marketing is full of acronyms. CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA, CPS, are all digital acronyms. These are essentially media buying models. Ever thought why we need these different models on the web? Because some of these are more appropriate for certain campaigns than others.
CPM means the price for 1000 advertisement impressions for one webpage or cost per thousand Impressions.  (M is Roman numeral for 1,000.) CPM is one of the most common ways of buying ad space on the web. Here, you pay every time your ad loads on a webpage and the user sees it, not necessarily clicked it. If increasing brand awareness is a prime objective of your company’s marketing campaign, CPM is the best bet.
CPC stands for cost per click advertising. Companies targeting a niche market to promote a specific product are more likely to use CPC ads. They are less bothered about the brand image and mass appeal and are happy to pay only for visitor clicks and buys.
CPL is short for cost per lead. In this pricing model, submission forms are leveraged and the advertiser pays for each completed lead form. Leads in the form of contact information or e-mail id are imperative for B2B markets as they are more qualified leads and more valuable to the company.  This model allows advertisers to fetch guaranteed returns on their ad money.
CPA/ CPS is generally cost per acquisition or cost per sale. Here, an advertiser pays for the ad only when the desired acquisition has occurred in the form of a sale, click, or form submit (e.g., contact request, newsletter sign up, registration etc.). The advertiser is at an advantage here for they know in advance that they will not have to pay for bad leads, and it encourages the agency to send good leads.


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