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01 Jan 2018

Remember, why content is king in seo

Team Trompet: A decade back, when Bill Gates famously said Content is King hinting at the future of Internet, we did not anticipate well written, unique and informative content to rule the internet marketplace and drive traffic.

Content in the form of blogs, info graphics, social media messages, e-mail campaigns, guest posts, and videos come under the broad banner, Content Marketing. Even as Internet ensures equal access to information, it also allows duplication of content. Given that becoming a publisher online is as easy as you say it and plagiarism is widespread, a lot of thrust has been given to original content, free of typographic errors and Google rewards such content.

Here are a few reasons why companies that deliver quality content succeed in their business.

Improves SEO rankings


For SEO, keyword stuffing is certainly not the way forward. Companies no more want their visitors to visit and leave; instead, they want them to keep coming back to their page time and again. Customized content gives them credibility, helps their website rank higher and gives them an opportunity to build important back links.

Drives traffic


Fresh and interactive content can keep visitors engaged to the page for long. A well written blog post, for instance, could generate more user engagement and boost interaction with customers and build a strong bond over the time.  

Get loyal customers


A loyal customer base is an asset to any organization. More exposure to quality content could mean more credibility and therefore more leads and sales for the company. This, in turn, can leverage connections between users as well.

Create value


It is important for companies to pass their message subtly than being ‘salesy’. Values useful for the society that is passed on are generally valued and it helps reach the target customers faster.


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